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As its name indicates, this moulding allows you to cover your staircase with luxury vinyl tiles and ensure a perfect, aesthetic and resistant finish.

Echo offers a wide variety of moldings to complete your installation in style. The Echo advantage is that each of our products has high quality mouldings that fit perfectly with the vinyl tiles chosen for your new floor.

The finish of our mouldings is also superior to anything that can be found on the market today.

Echo mouldings are sold with a plastic slide to facilitate installation.

The use of a small amount of construction adhesive will be necessary in order to keep the mouldings in place.

Available in lengths of 94” (238.8 cm).


Weight: 1.85 lbs

Units / Tube: 15

Weight / Tube: 27.75 lbs

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Echoflooring mouldings

Ash, Cape Cod, Cape May, Crossroad, Fog, London Grey, Mineral, Moka, Mud, Portobello, Reef, Rust, Silver, Slate, Steel, Torrent, Tree Bark, Waterfall

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