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DILEX-EDP Surface Joint Profiles – Heavy-duty Commercial Applications

DILEX-EDP Surface Joint Profiles – Heavy-duty Commercial Applications


Schluter DILEX-EDP 0.00 X 0.00 Surface Joint Profile (5/16”) EDP80 STAINLESS STEEL

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Application and Function

Surface joints must be placed within the tiled surface regardless of substrate conditions.  They provide stress relief from movements in the tile field due to thermal and moisture expansion/contraction and loading.

Schluter-DILEX-EDP is a pre-fabricated, maintenance-free surface movement joint profile.  It features trapezoid-perforated anchoring legs, made of stainless steel, which are secured in the mortar bond coat and provide edge protection for adjacent tiles. The profile separates individual fields in the tile covering and accommodates horizontal movement via the stainless steel tongue-and-groove connection, which also forms the visible surface.

Because the profile is designed to absorb horizontal movement only, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent the screed from moving vertically. In its base position, the visible width of the Schluter-DILEX-EDP profile is 15/32″ (12 mm).

The profile is particularly suited for tile surfaces subject to heavy use. Schluter-DILEX-EDP offers secure edge protection for surfaces exposed to continuous vehicular traffic and is, therefore, suited for use in production plants, warehouses, shopping centers, and underground parking garages, or for floor surfaces maintained with cleaning machines.

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Tile Thickness

5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 17/32", 5/8", 23/32", 13/16", 1", 1-3/16"

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