DILEX-BT/O Expansion Joint Profile (3/4”)

DILEX-BT/O Expansion Joint Profile (3/4”)


Schluter DILEX-BT/O 0.00 X 0.00 Expansion Joint Profile (3/4”) AEBT200/O125 SATIN ANOD ALU

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Application and Function

Surface joints must be placed within the tiled surface regardless of substrate conditions.  They provide stress relief from movements in the tile field due to thermal and moisture expansion/contraction and loading.

Schluter-DILEX-AKWS is a prefabricated, maintenance-free surface movement joint profile.  It features trapezoid-perforated anchoring legs, made of aluminum, which are secured in the mortar bond coat and provide edge protection for adjacent tiles.

The profile separates individual fields in the tile covering and accommodates movement via the 1/4″ (6 mm) -wide, soft PVC movement zone, which also forms the visible surface. The soft PVC movement zone is connected to the anchoring legs with rigid PVC grip bars and is not replaceable.

Schluter -DILEX-AKWS is suitable for both residential use and medium-duty commercial applications, such as areas subject to moderate mechanical stresses, including light vehicular traffic. In addition, DILEX-AKWS prevents sound bridges, making it ideal for use in sound-rated floors.



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H = Tile Thickness Item No.
5/16″ – 8 mm AKWS 80 …*
11/32″ – 9 mm AKWS 90 …*
3/8″ – 10 mm AKWS 100 …*
7/16″ – 11 mm AKWS 110 …*
1/2″ – 12.5 mm AKWS 125 …*
17/32″ – 14 mm AKWS 140 …*
5/8″ – 16 mm AKWS 160 …*
13/16″ – 21 mm AKWS 210 …*

Length supplied: 8″ 2-1/2″ – 2.50 m

*To complete item number, add the color code (e.g., AKWS 125 G)

Additional information

Weight 3.10



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